DSI Rock Bolts secure Tunnel for Mölltaler Glacier Express

The world's longest underground cable railway (length 4,796 m) provides an all-year service to the glacier ski-region of Carinthia. The tunnel starts at an altitude of 1,225 m and exits 1,000 m higher, opening an all-year ski resort up to an altitude of 3,105 m. The glacier express has a capacity of 1,500 passengers per hour in both directions simultaneously.

The mountain's geology is mainly granite and slate in very good consistency with 90% being considered rock classification I and 11. The 4.5 m diameter tunnel was driven with a Jarva type tunnel boring machine. Tunneling progressed at an average rate of 22 m/day with a maximum of 60 m/day.

More than 15,800 Ø 20 mm (7/8") rock anchors retain the entrance sections of the tunnel. The average anchor bond length was 2 m long and grouted with cement. In addition, expansion-shell anchors were installed for immediate protection. Both plastic and metal expansion shells were used. The tunnel was completed after one year of drilling. The geotechnical consulting as well as the supply of all anchor material was awarded to DSI Austria.

Mölltaler Glacier Express GmbH &Co.KG
General Contractor
ILBAU Spittal/Drau
DSI Services
Supply of 15,800 DSI® Drill Hollow Bars dia. 20mm; Geotechnical consulting.
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