DB German Rail, New track project Cologne - Rhein/Main Section MITTE, Subsection B, Germany

The new track project of the Deutsche Bahn AG from Cologne to Frankfurt/Main is designed for the next generation bullet trains ICE 3 allowing for a maximum speed of 300km/h. For subsection B a tunnel had to be driven using traditional tunneling methods.Excavation was done using a tunnel excavator immediately shotcreting afterwards. DSI-Austria supplied SN anchors, DSI Hollow Bars with accessories and all special grouting equipment.

Deutsche Bahn AG
General Contractor
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tunnel Limburg/Eichheide, Hochtief AG / Bilfinger + Berger Bau AG
Consulting Engineer
Ingenieurgesellschaft Lässer-Feizlmayr, Innsbruck

DSI Services
Consulting and supply of geotechnical products: 60,000m DSI anchors type SN 4 to 6m long, 40,000m DSI Hollow Bars and accessories (drill bits, 20,000m MAI bars 4m long, MAI grouting equipment)
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