Cable Bolts used for Lead Recovery at Brushy Creek Mine, USA

With its Missouri based mines Doe Run Corporation is one of the largest producers of lead in the world. One of these mines, the Brushy Creek Mine, was awarded the prestigious "National Safety Award" in August 2005 for its outstanding safety performance during 2004.

The recovery of pillars may result in extensive rock falls in mines. These rock falls increase ore dilution, loss of ore and compromise safety for miners and mucking equipment.

Doe Run Corporation opted for the use of cable bolts and turned to DSI to help them design a system of cable bolts that can allow them to safely and more profitably mine the pillars. DSI through its technical services in North America helped specify and design the system that is being put in place today.

Following numerous tests the system has been fully operational since September 2005 and is also being tested at Doe Run's Buick mine. If the system meets the high requirements in both mines, there will be widespread usage of it in other mines as well.

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