First-time delivery of DSI Australia mining products to Turkey

According to archaeological findings, gold was first mined in Turkey 5,000 years ago. Today Turkey has one of the largest gold processing industries anywhere, with most of the gold, however, being imported. Only recently has gold mining once again increased substantially in Turkey.

The Turkish mining company Koza Altin Isletmeleri A.S. was established to look for further gold deposits in Turkey and when found, develop the mines. Amongst others, this company owns the Ovacik gold deposit which, with its promising reserves, was already developed as a gold mine.

The Ovacik gold mine is located in West Anatolia about 100 km north of Izmir near the historical city of Pergamon. Extensive examinations revealed that about 2.4 million tons with an ore quality of 10 gram/ton are mineable in the Ovacik mine. Thus, based on current findings, a total of 24 t of gold and 24 t of silver can potentially be produced in this mine.

The Ovacik gold mine operators decided in favor of mining products from Australia. The decisive criteria for this decision were the high quality of the products manufactured by DSI Australia and the fact that DSI could provide the required technical support and after-sales service. Specifically, friction bolts, multistrand anchors and other mining products fabricated by DSI Australia in its Bennets Green plant in New South Wales are used in the Ovacik gold mine.

Koza Altin Isletmeleri A.S., Turkey

DSI Unit
DSI Pty. Ltd., Bennetts Green, Australia
DSI Scope
Supply of friction bolts, multistrand anchors and other mining products; technical assistance and after-sales service
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