DSI’s Technical Expertise Needed for Re-Opening of Mexican Mine

Phosphate Rock Mine Rofomex, La Paz, Mexico

Phosphate rock is the basic material for producing phosphate and thus the crucial component in the production of fertilizers. On the Pacific Rim, the only exploitable phosphate rock deposit is near La Paz, south of the Mexican peninsula, Baja California. Until 2001, phosphate rock had been exploited for the production of fertilizers in the Rofomex Mine. These fertilizers were then sold both on the Mexican and on international markets.

The mine was closed in 2001 in the aftermath of a hurricane that severely damaged the port facilities and caused heavy rains that flooded the mine. In 2007, the owner decided to resume phosphate rock exploitation in this mine. The exploitation is carried out underground in a mine with room and pillar design, at an average seam height of 1.70m.

From the start, DSI-Anclas Mineras has been working closely with the owner to define all products and systems needed for mining. This project is yet another good example of using synergy effects inside the DSI Group. Technical experts from DSI-Anclas Mineras turned to their colleagues from DSI Ground Support Inc. in Salt Lake City for additional expertise. They were also actively supported by employees of the DSI company Fasloc Inc. in Martinsburg with regards to questions about the safe utilization of resin cartridges. Fasloc Inc. is the market leader in the development and production of high quality gluing systems based on synthetic resin in the USA.

For re-opening the Rofomex Mine, DSI-Anclas Mineras supplied nearly the whole range of mining products, ranging from threadbars, rock bolts, anchors, anchor plates, loop anchors, resin cartridges and drilling bits to auger drilling bars for exploratory drilling.

The Rofomex Mine was successful in resuming phosphate rock exploitation in 2007. An expansion of the exploitation is planned for 2008. For this, the mine owner and DSI-Anclas Mineras agreed on another delivery of high quality mining products.

Minera Rofomex, La Paz, Mexico

DSI Unit
DSI-Anclas Mineras S.A. de C.V., Jalisco, Mexico
DSI-Anclas Mineras Scope
Supply of the complete range of mining products to Rofomex Mine 
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