Modern Gold Rush: DSI Australia supports Gold Producers with new Warehouse

The city of Bendigo, in southern Australia, is the fourth largest city in the state of Victoria. During the gold rush from 1850 to 1900, more gold was found here than in any other gold region in the world. Even today, Bendigo continues to be the largest gold field in eastern Australia. Thanks to modern ventilating and drainage technology, gold reserves in deep layers that were not accessible previously can now be extracted.

The Australian company Bendigo Mining Limited is currently exploring the region’s deeper gold deposits. Test borings are being carried out in a 6,5km long exploratory shaft that runs at a depth of up to 850m underneath the city of Bendigo in order to determine the exact positioning and size of the gold deposits. Once the mine becomes fully operative in 2011, the chief executive of Bendigo Mining, Doug Buerger, is expecting a production of 1.6 million ounces of gold per year.

The company contracted with DSI Australia to supply a complete range of specialized products for mining and ground support. In accordance with the slogan “Local Presence – Global Competence“, DSI Australia opened a new central warehouse in Bendigo in 2008 to assure the prompt and flexible supply of the products needed. Thanks to the new warehouse, DSI Australia will be able to service the complete mining industry in Victoria by offering a comprehensive range of mining products from its new local warehouse.

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