DSI South Africa strengthens Export Activities in Botswana and Zimbabwe

Over the last few years, demand for raw materials has once again experienced a strong increase. This trend is impacting the mining industry in South Africa and in the adjacent countries that possess abundant raw material resources. The growth in Africa’s mining industry is additionally strengthened by a high demand for raw materials from China and India which results from strong economic expansion in those countries. Traditionally, the mining industry in South Africa is the most developed in the region because the country is the world’s largest platinum group metals producer and the most important exporter of coal to Europe.

In Zimbabwe, the government has recognized the importance of the mining industry for the country’s economy. Zimbabwe possesses very large mineral deposits, with gold being the most important raw material of the country. In addition, chromium, asbestos, nickel, copper, iron ore, vanadium, lithium, tin and platinum are mainly extracted in hard rock mining.

In Botswana, there has also been a very positive trend in the mining industry within the last years. Botswana is the world’s largest producer of gem diamonds, and the mining industry is mainly focused on the extraction of raw diamonds in hard rock mining. In addition, the extraction of copper, nickel, salt, potash, coal, iron ore and silver is growing.

DSI is one of the largest and leading producers of products and systems for mining in South Africa. DSI South Africa strongly focuses on research and development, the production and the just in time supply of products and systems for stabilizing advance sections in underground mining. DSI puts great importance on optimizing its production processes because they represent an important success factor. As a result, production schedules can be readily modified in order to quickly respond to the changing needs of its customers.

DSI South Africa offers its clients

  • production of technically refined and economic products and systems

  • supply and technical support by experienced technicians and engineers on site

  • just in time delivery and logistics

  • high security through best quality

As a system supplier, DSI offers a large range of mining products: friction anchors, expansion anchors, resin roof bolts, fully threaded and unthreaded rebar bolts, double corrosion protected (DCP) bolts, cable bolts, deformed and flat anchor plates and a complete range of accessories.

The products and systems are centrally produced in Johannesburg and are directly supplied to the clients by truck. Clients include BHB Billiton, Xstrata, Exxaro, De Beers, Anglo American Thermal Coal, Anglo American Platinum, Bombela Construction, Sasol, CMI Joint Venture and a large number of smaller and medium sized mining operations.

Clients’ demand for high quality innovative products and solutions both from South Africa and from neighboring countries is steadily increasing. Consequently, DSI is going to strategically expand its export activities into the important neighbor countries such as Botswana and Zimbabwe in accordance with the slogan “RELY ON DSI”.

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