Gold Mine profits from DSI Products and Services: El Limon Mine

The Limon Gold Mine is located in the north-west of Nicaragua, approx. 100km north of the capital of Managua and at a distance of 20km from the Panamericana highway system that runs from north to south over the entire American continent.

With 95% of the shares, B2Gold is the majority owner of the mine – the remaining 5% is owned by Inversiones Mineras S.A., a company that represents unionized miners in Nicaragua. The Limon Mine is operated both as an underground and open pit mine. In 2010, the mine produced approx. 40,000 ounces of gold.

B2Gold is currently carrying out explorations in order to make new gold deposits accessible and to increase the mine’s gold production.

DSI’s Mexican branch, DS International S.A. de C.V., in Zapopan, Jalisco was awarded a contract by B2Gold to supply the complete range of needed mining products. The product range includes welded wire mesh, friction bolts, cable bolts and accessories.

A major part of the support DSI offers to its client is onsite product testing, training of the miners and support for the efficient installation of the products.

Thanks to the comprehensive services provided, the customer is able to take full advantage from the mining products supplied. On site, the miners receive important information regarding the safe performance and capacity of the rock bolts as well as information on specific borehole tolerances that permit an optimized use of friction bolt load-bearing capacity.

B2Gold Corp, Nicaragua

DSI Unit
DS International S.A. de C.V., Mexico
DSI Scope
Supply of welded wire mesh, friction bolts and cable bolts; technical supervision and instruction, training of the miners
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