Koza Gold Underground Mining Operations rely on high quality DSI Anchor Systems for Gold Mining

The first noteworthy and economically exploitable gold reserves in Turkey were discovered in 1989. With the founding of the Koza Gold Operations Company in 2005, a Turkish company was established to produce gold in that country for the first time.

The most important site of Koza Gold Operations - and the very first gold mine in Turkey - is the Ovacik mine in West Anatolia close to the city of Bergama some 100km north of the sea port city of Izmir. The gold ore body is bedded in two quartz veins in andesitic volcanic rock. The mined ore is almost free of sulphurous minerals and barely contains any heavy metals.

Koza Gold Operations also emphasizes underground gold production in the Mastra mine in the north-east of Turkey near the Black Sea, close to the city of Gumushane. This area is well known for its metallogenic zone. Hence, it has developed into a typical mining region. Gold has been produced from the Mastra mine since 2008.

DSI, as a system supplier for high quality strata control products for the mining industry, supplies the Ovacik, Mastra and Cukuralan gold mines (the last of which is being developed) with Friction Bolts, OMEGA-BOLT Anchors, Cable Bolts and the required accessories.

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Supply of Friction Bolts, OMEGA-BOLT® Anchors, Cable Bolts and Accessories
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