Successful Technical Cooperation Leads to Supply Contract for Mining Products

The Durdzevik brown coal mine is located near the city of Tuzla in eastern Bosnia. As brown coal has been produced there since 1936, the mine is considered to be historical. Today, the annual output is some 550,000 - 600,000t of brown coal.

Mining is carried out in open pit mines as well as underground. However, plans for the future concentrate on underground mining, which requires constant investment in this sector. Brown coal seams are currently being developed at a level of 250m below ground.

DSI was originally contacted by the mining company for technical support related to the rehabilitation of a central adit. For the reprofiling of an important adit, DSI developed a concept for the installation of 2,000mm long R32-210 and R32-250 IBO anchors together with Tuzla Technical University. This successful cooperation for restoring the safety of the adit provided the basis for future teamwork.

Since then, DSI has provided mining systems for the driving and support of new galleries and shafts for the Durdzevik underground brown coal mine. DSI is now supplying ∅ 25mm SN Anchors with corresponding ∅ 28mm resin cartridges in lengths of 500mm each as well as 24 OMEGA-BOLT® Anchors in lengths of 240cm and 270cm.

An additional supply contract for high quality mining products has already been agreed upon with the mining company.

JP RMU Durdzevik, Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Supply of Rebar Rock Bolts and resin cartridges, OMEGA-BOLT® Anchors
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