Fast Emergency Response: DSI DRILL TEK injects Wastewater System Shaft

At the beginning of 2012, a new series of sewage tunnels and shafts were built and the existing wastewater system was significantly expanded in Wakefield, England.

The owner, Yorkshire Water, awarded the general construction contract to Barhale Construction for the work. The new shafts were partly driven using a Micro TBM (tunnel boring machine).

When a full face TBM with a shield diameter of 1.5m was approaching the end shaft, it became apparent that the entry shaft could not be broken out as planned to allow the TBM to enter the end shaft. A ground sample confirmed that the surrounding ground consisted of very wet running sands, making it impossible to break out the shaft wall.

Due to their comprehensive experience and the fact that they have been successful many times with this type of work, DSI DRILL TEK was asked for help.

DSI DRILL TEK’s specialists reacted at once and recommended the complete injection of the running sands with silicate injection foam resin in order to consolidate the noncohesive ground. After the injection work using the strongly expanding silicate injection foam resin had been carried out, the surrounding ground was sufficiently consolidated to allow the shaft wall to be removed and the TBM to enter the shaft.

In order to be able to react quickly and flexibly to emergencies at all times, DSI DRILL TEK maintains an inventory of all necessary products for this type of application. A day after first being contacted, the injection work was carried out successfully. The very same day, the shaft was broken out and the TBM entered the end shaft.

Yorkshire Water, Great Britain
General Contractor
Barhale Construction plc, Great Britain

DSI Unit
DSI DRILL TEK Ltd., Great Britain
Supply and injection of silicate injection foam resin
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