DSI Australia invests in increased Productivity

DSI’s Mining Division has shown very dynamic growth within the last few years. The above average growth is based on strong organic growth on the one hand and on selective strategic acquisitions on the other hand. As a result, DSI is now one of the world’s leaders in the development, production and supply of high quality mining products. In addition, DSI offers its clients the world’s most comprehensive range of mining products.

All DSI companies around the world are continuously working to enhance their processes in production, supply chain, development and logistics. The continuous optimization of the production process is of key importance in this context.

Recently, DSI Australia reached an important milestone for optimizing production processes at its production facility in Bennetts Green, New South Wales, Australia. Here, two old stamping presses were replaced by two state-of-the-art 300t presses.

The new machines not only press conventional anchor plates. With the help of rigid tools, domed anchor plates can be produced in different shapes using the deepdrawing method – and the production procedure is twice as fast as with the old presses!

Thanks to rapid tool changes and significant reductions in down time, DSI Australia has been able to double the output for some of its products. The new presses were located above a purpose built underfloor scrap conveyer to ensure enhancements to the production and planning schedules.

The presses weigh 38t each and had to be lowered into position through the factory roof with a 250t mobile crane requiring 97t of counterweights for the lift that were delivered to the DSI yard on five semitrailers. Thanks to a well-organized team, the machines could be placed at their exact final locations in just six hours.

By continued investments in production, we are consistently extending our cost leadership in production around the world. Our aim is to offer our demanding customers the most comprehensive product range available on the market just in time as a one stop shop.

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