DSI Australia’s Product Range now also includes Injection Resins for Coal Mining

Resin injection has established itself as a system for strata control both in construction (civil) and underground applications. In addition, resins can also be used to control water inflow and to seal gas - an application that is of particular interest in underground coal mining. Towards the end of 2013, DSI entered the Australian market for this important field of activity.

The company plans to introduce a comprehensive range of products based on polyurethane and urea silicate technology. In addition to its range of products and systems for underground mining, DSI Australia will offer two types of high expansion, resin based cavity fillers: urea silicate foam resins and phenolic foam resins.

DSI Australia offers both material supply and product application. Distribution can either be carried out directly to the end user or through an appointed contractor. During product application, a type of pump is used that has never been utilized before in Australia.

DSI Australia is extremely well placed on the market and can integrate this type of technology perfectly into its existing steel ground support product range. The approval process for using these new products in New South Wales coal mines has commenced with the successful testing of a strata binding/water sealing urea silicate resin for which approval has been applied for. In addition to stringent quality control, DSI Australia has also developed a training package that helps to ensure that customers benefit from the optimum application of these products for their projects.

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