High Quality Ground Support for difficult Terrain: Tunneling Projects along the A1 in Bosnia

The A1 in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a motorway project that will link Budapest with Southern Dalmatia as part of the Pan-European Traffic Corridor Vc. The section leads through difficult topography, resulting in a need for a large number of bridges and tunnels.

On the section that leads from the town of Vlakovo west of Sarajevo south-west towards the town of Tarčin, DSI Austria supplied ground support products and injection foam resins for five double tube tunnels:

  • Tarčin Tunnel (400m long)
  • Suhodol Tunnel (2,800m long)
  • Grabosječ Tunnel (860m long)
  • Tulica Tunnel (340m long)
  • Gaj Tunnel (860m long)

The tunnels were primarily excavated using the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM).

Self-Drilling Ø R32-250 and R51-550 DSI Hollow Bar Anchors were installed for excavation pre-support. In addition, DSI supplied the Type 114 AT – Pipe Umbrella System for pre-support. The pipe umbrella pipes increase the stability in the working area by transferring loads in the longitudinal direction.

In order to prevent the ingress of water and to consolidate loose rock in the tunnel working area, DSI Austria also supplied high quality DSI Inject Cement Injection Pumps with the necessary accessories.

DSI’s products were completely and successfully installed until July 2014. The new road section will be opened to traffic in October 2014.

JP Autoceste FBiH, Bosnia and Herzegovina
General Contractor
Cengiz Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret, Turkey
Euro Asfalt d.o.o., Bosnia and Herzegovina
DIVEL d.o.o., Trasa d.o.o., IPSA d.o.o., INTEGRA d.o.o., TZI d.o.o., all of them Bosnia and Herzegovina

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DSI Underground, Austria
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Ø R32-250 and R51-550 DSI Hollow Bar Anchors, Type 114 AT – Pipe Umbrella System, DSI Inject Cement Injection Pumps with accessories
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