Product Innovations at DSI Australia: The new Kinloc Bolt with 30t Load Bearing Capacity

Recently, a customer asked DSI Australia for a high capacity single pass rock bolt for difficult and friable ground conditions. Within a short time, DSI Australia’s technical team developed the new Kinloc Bolt that met the customer’s requirement and solved his problem.

The Kinloc Bolt System is a mechanically operated, point anchoring friction bolt. The new rock bolt not only permits single pass bolting; it can also endure the shifting ground conditions often associated with friable ground. The Kinloc Bolt System has an internal solid bolt that provides both increased point loading capacity and enhances the bolt’s performance in shear loading.

In metal mining, single pass bolting means that a hole is drilled and then a rock bolt is the only element that is inserted into the hole. This technique is frequently required where resin bolting is not possible due to instability caused by friable ground. The OMEGA-BOLT with its high pressure water inflation system that ensures a tight connection to the borehole is frequently used in such conditions.

The customer needed a rock bolt that could be installed by a standard Jumbo bolting machine. Furthermore, they needed a bolt that could both accommodate high point anchor loads and was compatible with existing Mesh Xpress Anchor Plates.

The research and development team of DSI Australia decided on combing two existing products with a novel bolt head design to produce the Kinloc Bolt. The name of the rock bolt is derived from the concepts of “kinetic energy” and “locking ability”, both of which are key features of the new bolt.

The Kinloc Bolt has a bar diameter of 47mm and can be installed in a single step. Its load-bearing capacity is 30t, and the bar has a minimum bar yield strength of 220kN and a minimum bar tensile strength of 305kN.

The Kinloc Bolt is positioned within the existing friction bolt range and affords the customers of DSI Australia best value solutions for anchoring in difficult ground conditions. As a one stop shop, DSI also offers its customers the complete range of accessories such as wrenches, washers and mesh plates, pull test rings etc. You will find an animation of the Kinloc Bolt on DSI’s Youtube channel.

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