Santiago de Chile Metro Expansion

Inaugurated in 1975, Metro de Santiago is one of the largest and oldest subway systems in South America and a major method of transportation for the city of Santiago de Chile.

In the middle of 2013, work began on two new lines – line 3 and line 6. After completion of the new lines, the Metro de Santiago will be 140km long with 136 stops in 26 districts.

Line 6 will have a total length of 15.3km and include 10 stops; travel time to the city center of Santiago de Chile will be cut in half. The line will run from Cerrillos Station in the south-west to Los Leones Station in the city’s north-east and is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2016. Line 3 with a total length of 22km is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

To complete the new lines 3 and 6 and their 28 new stations, approx. 37km of tunnels as well as many new access shafts are being built across the city.

In a first contract, DSI Chile is supplying lattice girders for the tunnels in section 3 and 4 of line 6.

Metro de Santiago, Chile
General Contractor
Joint Venture EI-OSSA S.A., consisting of Echeverría Izquierdo and OSSA (Obras Subterráneas S.A.), both Chile

DSI Unit
DSI Chile Industrial Ltda., Chile
DSI Scope
Production, supply
DSI Products
Lattice girders
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