The Petropolis Tunnel: A Fast and Safe Connection with Rio de Janeiro

Petropolis, which is located about 70km from Rio de Janeiro, once was the summer residence of the emperor Dom Pedro II. That is why it is also known as the imperial city of Brazil. Until today, a winding and dangerous motorway that is underdesigned for the approx. 20 million vehicles that pass through every year connects the city of Petropolis with Rio de Janeiro.

A new and safe highway system that is currently being built by the Consórcio Nova Subida da Serra (CNSS) will completely replace the current motorway from the town of Juiz de Fora to Rio de Janeiro and thus greatly reduce travel times.

As part of the new motorway, the 4.8km long Petropolis Tunnel will run through the hills of the Serra de Petropolis. Preparation for tunnel excavation started at the end of 2013, and the expected completion date is June 2015.

Tunnel excavation is partly accomplished by mechanical excavators and partly by drilling and blasting. DSI Underground Brasil supplied a comprehensive range of ground control products, including SAFEROCK Rebar Rock Bolts, resin cartridges and steel fibers.

Consórcio Nova Subida da Serra (CNSS), Brazil
General Contractor
Triunfo, Brazil
Intertechne Consultores S.A., Brazil

DSI Unit
DSI Underground Brasil, Brazil
DSI Scope
Production, supply
DSI Products
SAFEROCK® Rock Bolts, resin cartridges, steel fibers
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