Customized Products for Alto Maipo, Chile’s largest Hydroelectric Power Plant Project

The construction of the Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Power Plant is currently being carried out in the foothills of the Chilean Andes in the Maipo valley, approx. 50km south-east of Santiago de Chile. In 2012, the Chilean tunneling division of STRABAG SE was awarded the planning and construction contract for one of the two sections of tunneling and engineering work for this project by Alto Maipo S.p.A.

Alto Maipo is one of the largest private construction projects in South America. It includes the construction of tunnels and shafts with a total length of 46.5km that will be excavated using the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) as well as Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs). The two underground power houses Alfalfal II and Las Lajas in the northern part of the project also form part of this contract. Once completed, the hydropower plant will have an estimated total output of 531MW. DSI Chile has been supplying a comprehensive range of ground support products and system since construction work started. In addition to Type FS-47 Friction Stabilizers and Forepoling Boards, the products also included Type CP-95 and CP-130 Lattice Girders. The Lattice Girders were custom-tailored and produced at DSI Chile's plant in Santiago de Chile. At the tunnel portal areas, the AT - 114 Pipe Umbrella Support System was used for pre-support. The system's pipes decrease excavation induced deformations and increase the stability in the working area by transferring loads in the longitudinal direction. In addition, DSI Chile supplied the self-drilling Type R32-280 DSI Hollow Bar System. DSI supplied all products and systems to the job site just-in time and optimized the ground support supply chain in close cooperation with the client STRABAG. The general contractor was very pleased with DSI's high quality products which have been delivered so far.

Alto Maipo S.p.A., Chile
General Contractor
Norconsult AS, Norway
Consulting Engineers
Geodata Engineering SpA, Italy
DSI Unit
DSI Chile Industrial Ltda., Chile
DSI Scope
Production, supply, technical support
DSI Products
Type FS-47 Friction Stabilizers, Forepoling Boards; Type CP-95 and CP-130 Lattice Girders; AT - 114 Pipe Umbrella Support System; Type R32-280 DSI Hollow Bar System
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