The Loboguerrero Tunnel Chain: DSI Hollow Bar System ensures fast Construction Progress in difficult Ground

In the province of Valle del Cauca in western Colombia, a new 32km long federal road is being built between the towns of Mulaló and Loboguerrero.

This new corridor will connect the region to the cities of the province and create a faster route for freight traffic to Buenaventura, Colombia’s most important Pacific harbor.

The section runs through steep terrain that is prone to landslides and includes 9 12km long tunnels as well as 32 bridges.

Varying and difficult ground with many fault zones required the use of reliable ground support in the tunnels. For stabilization of the excavation work, DSI Colombia supplied the Type R32-280 DSI Hollow Bar System.

The hollow bars were used cost-effectively as supplementary rock bolts in the area of the tunnel walls to repair unstable sections.

Thanks to the fast, safe and flexible application of the DSI Hollow Bar System, the work in difficult ground was efficiently completed.

Instituto Nacional de Vías – INVIAS, Colombia
General Contractor
Consorcio ECC, consisting of: Estyma S.A., ConConcreto S.A., CSS Constructores S.A., Carlos Alberto y Luís Héctor Solarte, all of them Colombia
Consulting Engineers
Consorcio Integración 16, consisting of: Euroestudios, ACI Proyectos S.A. and Innova Ingeniería S.A., all of them Colombia

DSI Unit
DSI Colombia S.A.S., Colombia
DSI Scope
Production, supply, technical support
DSI Products
Type R32-280 DSI Hollow Bar System
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