The Kinloc Bolt: Value Added thanks to Customized Solutions

At the end of 2014, in association with a number of customers, DSI determined that there was a need for a higher capacity bolt that basically replicated the performance of an inflated bolt but without the complexity surrounding installation. The Kinloc Bolt System is a mechanically operated, point anchoring friction bolt.

The DSI patented system permits anchor installation using standard equipment. Installation is fast and ensures immediate, high load-bearing capacity.

In addition to the load transfer capacity of the friction bolt, a high capacity rock bolt down the middle of the friction bolt acts as a point anchored bolt. This delivers a very “stiff” system with high shear strength.

During initial testing in late 2014, DSI adapted its existing load testing equipment to manage the higher capacity achieved by the Kinloc Bolt.

A customer in Western Australia was so convinced by the product that he moved from the trial to a full conversion to the new Kinloc System on their drives shortly after the testing phase had started.

Since then, DSI has continuously developed the Kinloc Bolt in close cooperation with its customers so that the system now offers additional features and benefits. One of these features relates to a retention device for the inner bar of the Kinloc Bolt that is now part of the system. In the event of the inner bar breaking due to excessive load or shear, the bar cannot fall out of the roof with the plate thanks to the standard ECS (Event Capture System).

Additional tests completed by the Western Australia School of Mines (WASM), the well-respected industry testing authority, confirmed the excellent performance of the Kinloc System in terms of point anchor load and dynamic capacity. These tests have led to a second-generation bolt: The Kinloc Indie. In this product, the inner bolt works independently of the friction bolt. This allows the inner bar to elongate by up to 200mm, allowing for dynamic adaptations to ground movements.

Today, many mines trust the Kinloc Bolt, which significantly enlarges the existing friction bolt family. The Kinloc Bolt is only one of many examples showing that the close cooperation between DSI and mine operators leads to product innovations that afford true value.

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