Application Test of Injection Resins at the Soma Eynez/Demir Mine, Turkey

The Soma Eynez/Demir Mine is located in the province of Manisa in western Turkey. Since March 2015, meta-lignite, used for generating electricity, has been mined at this location. Since the start of the second mine site at the beginning of 2016, 10,000t of coal are mined per day.

The area that is being mined is divided into smaller areas by several geological fault zones. Exploration is being realized via two parallel inclined rock headings. The total coverage is 400-600m at a depth of approx. 150m. The mine has a coal reserve of approx. 36 million tons and seam thicknesses between 12m and 30m.

The Longwall Method with Top Coal Caving is being used for excavation and the mine produces in up to 3 levels. In the drives, road headers, drilling and blasting as well as the Ripper method are used.

The owner Koc-Holding, Demir Export has been regularly using the Strata Bond HA, Mine Bond and Mineral Bond Injection Resins produced by DSI Underground for over a year. Within the scope of an application training, the correct application of the products produced and supplied by DSI Underground was demonstrated. During the presentation, DSI Underground also introduced the Mine Fill Injection Resin to the interested mining engineers. This product rounds off DSI Underground’s range as a reliable system supplier.

The Mine Fill tests showed that DSI Underground’s technical team and the management team are working hand in hand to provide their customer with the same product with different characteristics for a perfect adaptation to different geological conditions.

In addition to the high quality of the products, innovative technical solutions, on-site support, a seamless logistics process and management support are part of the package provided by DSI Underground.

In addition to the injection chemicals, DSI Underground also supplied 2.25m long GRP Anchors, 25 x 500 resin cartridges with reaction speeds of 30 and 180 seconds, 25mm Ø threadbar Anchors with shear pin nuts and various accessories.

Koc-Holding, Demir Export A.S., Turkey
DSI Underground Austria GmbH, Austria
DSI Underground Scope
Production, supply, technical support
DSI Underground Products
Strata Bond Injection Resin, Mine Bond, Mineral Bond, Mine Fill Injection Resin, 2.25m long GRP Anchors, 25 x 500 resin cartridges, 25mm Ø threadbar Anchors
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