DSI Underground supplies Ground Support Products and Injection Resins to the Polyak Eynez Mine, Turkey

The Polyak Eynez Mine is located in Kinik in the province of Manisa in western Turkey. The mine is currently being developed; two vertical shafts and two parallel inclined haul headings are planned. Currently, one of the inclined haul headings is being advanced with an ensuing, approx. 3,400m long basis drift at the seam level. The drift is being mined using a road header.

The two vertical shafts with a total depth of 800m each are being mined by a Chinese mining company. The mine’s coal reserve amounts to approx. 200 million tonnes. Starting at the end of 2017, a seam with a thickness of approx. 20m will be mined using Top-Coal Caving and the longwall method.

Approx. 5 million tons of coal per year will be mined here. The longwall operations are fully mechanized, and the drifts are advanced using road headers.

Within the scope of the mine development, DSI Underground is supplying 2,500mm long rock bolts including shear pin nuts, 25 x 500mm FASLOC® Resin Cartridges with reaction times of 60 seconds and additional system accessories.

During the last MINEXPO exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, in December 2016, the relationship between DSI Underground and the owners of the Polyak Eynez Mine was enhanced and DSI Underground was asked to present its range of injection resins and other chemical products for underground coal mining on site.

The application presentation was carried out on site both above and below ground. For this presentation, experienced application technicians of DSI Underground used high performance pumps and mixers at 1:4 and 1:1 ratios and were thus able to successfully show the application of the injection resins Strata Bond HA, Mineral Bond, Mineral Bolt and Mine Fill produced by DSI Underground.

DSI Underground was able to position itself clearly as a capable producer and system supplier of high quality, reliable chemical products and systems.

The owner has green listed all the products that were presented by DSI Underground. Thus, the products that have been successfully tested for reliability, quality and application are now approved for use at the Polyak Eynez Mine.

Polyak Eynez Mine, Turkey
DSI Underground Austria GmbH, Austria
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Production, supply, technical support
DSI Underground Products
2,500mm long rock bolts including shear pin nuts, 25 x 500mm FASLOC® Resin Cartridges, system accessories, Strata Bond HA, Mineral Bond, Mineral Bolt, Mine Fill
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