DSI Underground supplies high quality Ground Support Products for the Minera El Roble Mine in Mexico

The Minera El Roble Mine is located in northern Mexico in the town of Velardeña in the Federal State of Durango. The mine is owned by Industrias Peñoles SAB de CV, one of the largest mine operators in Mexico.

Zinc, silver and lead have been extracted from this underground polymetallic mine since 2008. Minera El Roble extracts 2 million tons per year that are sent to a refinery in Torreon, 100km north-east of the mine, for further processing.

DSI Underground Mexico is supplying high quality ground support products and systems to the mine that are used to stabilize the drifts. The products supplied include 25mm x 2,400mm GRP Anchors.

The lightweight fiberglass system is easy to use in challenging conditions. At the same time, the anchors feature high tensile loadbearing capacity.

Furthermore, DSI Underground produces and supplies 19mm x 2,400mm headed rebar rock bolts and 28mm x 305mm FASLOC®  Resin Cartridges to ensure that the anchors reach a high load-bearing capacity immediately following installation.

The Minera El Roble Mine is continuously attended to by DSI Underground Mexico’s specialists, and the mining personnel attend training sessions on a regular basis.

Industrias Peñoles SAB de CV, Mexico
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25mm x 2,400mm GRP Anchors, 19mm x 2,400mm rock bolts, 28mm x 305mm FASLOC® Resin Cartridges
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