Injection Resins Stabilize Brown Coal Extraction at the Cayirhan Mine, Turkey

The Cayirhan brown coal deposit is located near the town of Beypazar, approx. 120km west of Ankara in Turkey. With approx. 2,000 employees, the Cayirhan Mine mines around 6.3 million tons of meta-lignite for generating electricity per year.

The mine is divided into 4 areas and is exclusively developed via horizontal drifts. The coverage is approx. 200-400m, and the mine contains a coal reserve of around 400 million tons.

The deposit consists of a seam that is divided by a middle layer of strata which decreases from west to east. Since the strata layer is too thick in places and the longwall thickness would be larger than 5m, the double longwall method is used in some areas. In 2 areas, ore is extracted in thicknesses of approx. 4.5m using a single longwall. Coal is mined using a modern longwall technique. The seam drifts are mined using road headers.

Within the scope of brown coal mining, the drive crossed a geological fault zone in which highly fragmented rock prevailed. Initially, the drive was stabilized using the product Strata Bond supplied by DSI Underground. Further along, cavities were encountered that were stabilized using Mine Fill Injection Foam. This injection foam simultaneously prevents possible dust explosions.

Within the scope of a comprehensive test, DSI Underground demonstrated the application of Strata Bond HF Injection Resin and Mine Fill HF Injection Foam to the mining engineers of the Cayirhan Mine. By virtue of the successful on site test, the miners were convinced of the reliability of the injection resin and injection foam produced and supplied by DSI Underground. For the tests, DSI Underground provided the necessary pumps, injection lances and additional accessories.

Furthermore, DSI Underground also supplies resin cartridges, 25-500, with reaction times of 30 seconds to the mine.

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