DSI Ground Support Solutions secure the Tauernmoos Hydro Electric Project, Austria

The new Tauernmoos power plant is an important cornerstone for the supply of traction power from hydropower. In addition to the production of environmentally friendly electricity from hydropower, large amounts of energy can also be stored cost-effectively in order to cover power peaks in the traction power grid even better.

The Tauernmoos hydroelectric project will connect the existing Tauernmoossee and Weißsee reservoirs, and Weisssee will thus serve as a "green battery" from its planned commissioning in 2025.

The project includes the construction of an underground powerhouse and associated facilities that use the natural water flow of the Tauernmoos reservoir to generate renewable energy. The cavern spans a length of 73, a width of 25, and a height of 40 meters - equivalent to twelve stories.

One of the biggest challenges in carrying out the project was ensuring the stability and safety of the underground structures. DSI Austria supplied the complete range of ground support products that were needed. This mainly included 3 and 4m long OMEGA-BOLT® Expandable Friction Bolts with anchor plates and sleeve tubes, OMEGA Pumps as well as Type SN25-250 Anchors in lengths of 3, 4, and 6m. Furthermore, DSI supplied threadbar Anchors, 32mm, L=4, and 8m, and DSI Hollow Bar Anchor, R32-280 in lengths of 3 and 4m.

Owner:                      ÖBB Group
Main Contractor:      Swietelsky AG, Austria
DSI Unit:                    DSI Underground Austria

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