Michael Reich is the new Chairman of the DSI Board of Directors

30 May 2014
We are pleased to inform you that Michael Reich has agreed to assume the role of Chairman of DSI’s Board of Directors from Björn Killmer, a representative of Triton. Björn will continue to serve as a Director. Michael has been a Director since 2012 and worked as CEO of Minova in his most recent position. This change reflects a general preference of Triton for independent Chairmen with relevant industrial experience as well as the specific contributions Michael has made to the development of DSI. Having a Board of Directors with a mix of relevant experiences as well as a strong commitment to support DSI in its strategy of profitable growth has been a benefit for DSI under Triton’s ownership. Transitioning the Chairmanship at this time will further enhance this benefit. Please join us in wishing Michael success in his new role.

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